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Signature Package (6 months program)

This program is meant to help you with your lifestyle changes and transformation. We will meet every other week for six months on a designated day that both the client and coach agree on. Each of the 12 sessions should be 50 minutes long.

Group Coaching (4-10 clients in each group)





Are you part of a group, book club, church group, organization or just friends that may benefit from health? I will be happy to do group coaching. We still meet weekly or biweekly, but we go through several a different health & wellness topics and lifestyle changes to improve your life. Group coaching includes office hours during the week as well as an individual history at the beginning of the program. This program is popular with folks who cant afford individual coaching or have similar needs.

Market Tour

Are you confused about what to eat? What’s healthy? How to read labels? Let me help you navigate your market so that you are buying food you enjoy, making smart choices that are nourishing and avoiding food traps.


(Price depends on how many clients ends up signing up)

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